Great Ideas will Enrich Us
I am seeking to collect ideas that will reduce and ultimately eliminate poverty. It is not the lack of money but the lack of imagination that has resulted in hundreds of millions living in poverty in the 21st century.

Ideas that involve pouring a bunch of money are not acceptable. Ideas that are vague with the details not thought out, will not work.

Ideas have to harness the drive of the villager, harness his or her hard work. Ideas have to be innovative, even breathtaking in their novelty. The idea has to be easy to understand and scalable. It has to take into consideration the village politics, the social structure. It has to work within the current establishment and take care not to step on any toes as the owners of the toes will then destroy the ideas.

Please email your ideas to

Accepted ideas will be paid a fee of US $ 100. Gharibi Hatao was Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's dream. Let us make it a reality by
November 19, 2017 her 100th Janamashtami.
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